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  • Making Oracle Cloud Platform Design Possible in 5 Minutes Introducing Delivery of the “Oracle Cloud Starter Pack”

PS Solutions Corp. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Chairman & CEO: Amane Kito, hereafter “PS Solutions”), a Softbank Group company, will start providing the “Oracle Cloud Starter Pack” from November 11, 2016 enabling easy construction of the “Oracle Cloud” Platform-as-a-Service environment, a public cloud service provided by Oracle Corporation Japan.

Up until now, when building a system, expert knowledge was required for tasks such as WebLogic (Java Cloud Service) and Database (Database Cloud Service) environment design, construction and tuning, and it took a huge amount of work.

With the “Oracle Cloud Starter Pack”, just selecting the desired configuration from the 4 pre-defined configurations, one can easily build an environment which is already designed and tuned, and the load on the customer when building the system is minimized.

The “Oracle Cloud Starter Pack” is developed by PS Solutions based on the knowhow cultivated through operating Softbank’s mission critical systems up to now and sold by Softbank Commerce & Service Corp. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Yasuo Mizoguchi).





Shinji Taketsume, Executive in Charge and General Manager of the Cloud Technology Business Cloud Platform Promotion Office, Oracle Corporation Japan, says the following about providing the “Oracle Cloud Starter Pack”.


“I welcome Oracle Japan starting provision of the “Oracle Cloud Starter Pack” service from PS Solutions. The ability to utilize the same architecture and products as on-premise is a feature of the “Oracle Cloud Platform”, and the technology which is indispensable to company systems can be used as a public cloud. It is an excellent cloud platform not seen previously which can live up to the demands of high reliability, availability, augmentability, performance and cost effectiveness. I am confident that this service from PS Solutions, which makes use of the wealth of experience cultivated from operating mission critical systems of the Softbank Group, will enable smoother implementation and application of the “Oracle Cloud Platform” to a wide range of customers.”


The release of the “Oracle Cloud Starter Pack” will be announced at the following session at “Oracle Cloud Days Tokyo 2016” being held on October 25, 26 2016.


・DAY1:10/25 14:30-15:15
“Capability to implement efficient DevOps? – What is the cloud for developers that provides amassed essential knowhow?”


Slide in sessions of Oracle Cloud Days Tokyo 2016


■ About PS Solutions

PS Solutions Corp. is a 100%-owned subsidiary of the Softbank Group which has been supporting Softbank Group mission critical systems since it was established. That sound technological ability is also proven by having been awarded the “Oracle Certification Award” 3 years in a row (2014 – 2016), and it is also recognized as having many Oracle certified professionals. Also, the company continues to give back to the community knowhow that it has cultivated as exemplified by its presentation of verification results based on actual examples in a talk given at the “Oracle Cloud Platform Summit Tokyo” event, titled “Oracle Cloud Platform Availability and Security Verification” in April 2016.


Representative: Chairman & CEO Amane Kito
Location: Shiodome City Center 4F, Higashi-shimbashi 1-5-2, Minato-ku, Tokyo (〒105-7104)
Established: September 2010
Business Activity: IT Solutions, IT Outsourcing
Capital: 100 million yen (100% investment by Softbank Group Corporation)



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PS Solutions Corp.
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