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PS Solutions Corp. (headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Chairman & CEO: Amane Kito hereafter “PS Solutions”), a member of the SoftBank Group, participated in the Corporate Exhibition which was held in association with 2016 G7 ICT Ministers’ Meeting. The company presented its core product and service under the theme of “future of IOT” so as to help appealing Japan’s technological capabilities to participators.


PS Solutions develops and offers IoT solutions that can be utilized in various areas. The company exhibited “e-kakashi”, an IoT-based solution for agricultural support, and “SETOUCHI KAREN”, electric scooter rental service mounted with IoT function for mobility, at the G7 Agriculture Ministers’ Meeting and G7 ICT Ministers’ Meeting respectively.


■Featured Exhibitions


At the PR booth of Niigata National Strategic Special Zone, e-kakashi was displayed with a hands-on demonstration of a web application displaying easy-to-view analysis results of environment and growing conditions data that were actually obtained from agricultural fields. Visitors experienced how IoT will be able to transform agriculture in the future.



PS Solutions welcomed the European Union Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan (second from left) who visited e-kakashi’s booth and was briefed on its mechanism and how it is being used in agricultural applications.


20160525_G702 20160525_g703

Image of a web application:

Displays an easy-to-understand analysis result of collected data. Capable of accumulating and sharing of cultivation records.




Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Hiroshi Moriyama expressed an appreciation for the company’s cooperation in the exhibitions.




As a corporate member of IoT Acceleration Lab*, PS Solutions exhibited SETOUCHI KAREN (currently in operation) and its business going forward under the theme of “Change Japan’s mobility with Internet of Moving Things”. Internet of Moving Things is a technology that interconnects mobility to mobile network and instantaneously assists users using a wide range of data such as battery charging status and location information. Using this technology, PS Solutions launched an electric scooter rental service in Teshima Island, Kagawa Prefecture to offer personal mobility for the tourists visiting the island.



Contorl screen of SETOUCHI KAREN, electric scooter rental service mounted with Internet of Moving Things function. A cloud platform that enables real-time monitoring of location information, travelable distance and residual capacity of a battery.



Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Motoo Hayashi (third from left) visited SETOUCHI KAREN’s booth and monitored real-time location information of rented mobility vehicles shown on the administrative screen.


*IoT Acceleration Lab is an organization that promotes, under the IoT Acceleration Consortium, corporate cooperation, financial and regulatory support.


■Exhibition Overview

1) G7 Agriculture Ministers’ Meeting in Niigata, PR Booth at Niigata National Strategic Special Zone


Dates:         April 22-24, 2016

Venue:        TOKI MESSE (Chuo-ku, Niigata)

Exhibition:  e-kakashi (


2) G7 ICT Ministers’ Meeting in Kagawa/Takamatsu, Exhibition Booth at IoT Acceleration Lab


Dates:         April 28-30, 2016

Venue:        Decks Galleria, Sunport Takamatsu

Exhibition:  SETOUCHI KAREN (




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