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  • “Setouchi Karen” IoT Business for Personal Mobility Presented by PS Solutions Corp. and SoftBank Corp. won the “2016 Oracle Sustainability Innovation Award”, as the second Japanese company, in one of the world largest business and technology conference Oracle Open World 2016 San Francisco. Dr. Norio Yamaguchi(Information Systems Engineering) joined a panel discussion

SoftBank Corp. and PS Solutions Corp. are recipients of the 2016 Oracle Sustainability Innovation Award conferences. This award recognizes the innovative use of Oracle technology to address global sustainability business challenges.

This prize was given to a joint enterprise called “Setouchi Karen” in IoT business, for Personal Mobility of SoftBank Corp. and PS Solutions Corp., which started on March 26th, 2016.

This is the second time that a Japanese company has won this award and we are very proud of this accomplishment. Norio Yamaguchi who is a Director of CPS Business Promotion Office at SoftBank Corp. and Division Director of Cyber-Physical System Business Division at PS Solutions Corp. will attend a panel discussion at the conference and talk about the future plan with other attendees.

Oracle OpenWorld 2016 San Francisco is one of the largest business and technology conferences in the world.

This is a great chance to experience forefront of the business and technology world through business sessions including keynotes by famous people of various sectors, most advanced cloud platform by Oracle and its case studies, and integrated cloud solutions. Over sixty thousands people from 145 countries will join this conference.

The Oracle Sustainability Innovation Award that SoftBank Corp. and PS Solutions Corp. have won, is given to organizations who reduced their environmental footprint while also reducing costs using green business practices and Oracle technology. The winning companies are selected based on the extent of the environmental impact they have had, as well as the business efficiencies they have achieved through projects contributed to ECO. This award is celebrated by those who are engaged to technology related business, from all over the world.

In addition, at the customer panel session that Norio Yamaguchi will be joining, representatives from companies working on IoT business will be discussing their efforts, and their plans in IoT business for the future. This will be a great opportunity for us to hear the latest information of IoT business and the trends of advanced technology.


◎Oracle OpenWorld 2016 San Francisco


Date  :Sept 18(Sunday), 2016~Sept 22(Thursday)
Place  :Moscone Center, San Francisco, USA
747 Howard Street At the corner
Third and Howard Streets San Francisco, California 94103

◎Innovation Award Ceremony

Date  : Sept 21(Wednesday)10:30AM~11:45AM
Winner  : Norio Yamaguchi
Director, CPS Business Promotion Office, Information Services Development Division,
SoftBank Corp.
Division Director, Cyber-Physical System Business Division, PS Solutions Corp.

◎Cutomer Panel Session

Date  :Sept 21 1:30PM~2:15PM
Speaker :Atul Mahamuni/Session owner
– David Austin, CTO, Berkshire Hathaway Automotive
– Hanif Merchant, Presales, Oracle Cloud Platform, Larsen & Toubro Infotech Limited
– Norio Yamaguchi(PS Solutions/SoftBank)


Setouchi Karen” ,an IoT business for Personal Mobility


“Setouchi Karen“ is a rental service business operated in Teshima, Tonosho-cho, Shouzu-gun, in Kagawa prefecture.

This business adopts electric bike “Honda EV-neo” as a personal mobility which has an in-vehicle equipment, connected to a mobile communication network of SoftBank Corp. This communication network can grasp the location information of a personal mobility and can be visualized in real time.
In addition, this system manages driving condition of each personal mobility at the central control center and detects whether the mobility is operated normally considering jump start, heavy braking and going off course. This business adopt charging system for the personal mobility “Ubidendeveloped by SoftBank Corp. Solar energy made in Kagawa can be utilized for the Honda EV-neo and can monitor how much energy is charged to each vehicle.



What is ”Ubiden” ?


“Ubiden” may be the solution to realizing a new lifestyle in the next generation. “Ubiden” involves an original electronic identification technology. Through an outlet, it recognizes the identification number of a personal mobility and is able to monitor information such as the quantity of electricity used, linked to the cloud system.

Just by bringing in a simple mechanism on a normal outlet, an identification technology may be implanted, and a controlled and opened environment of electricity use may be provided.

The charging facility is placed in Teshima Island at the Iura port to provide personal mobility users with an environment where they may charge their vehicle at any time at a charging stations with an “Ubiden” mark.




Causes of winning the Oracle Sustainability Innovation Award” prize

Everyone acknowledges the possibility of EV stopping the pollution of the atmosphere and environment; however, it is concerned that the spread of the use in EV will not increase, without the expansion of the charging infrastructure and the foundation.

“Ubiden” is able to create a charging spot wherever there is an outlet. Also, it calculates travelable areas from the amount of energy of each vehicle, location information, and routing information.

In addition, it is evaluated that by dynamically calculating the area by the distance the vehicle has moved, it can detect the person who cannot come back to the port.

This function is assisted by the Oracle IoT Cloud Streaming Identification technology.


Profile Norio Yamaguchi


・Name    :Norio Yamaguchi
・Date of Birth :21/06/1963
・Birthplace  :Tokyo
・Career summary
1987    The University of Electro-Communications, Department of Communication Technology
1987-2000 Engaged in research and development in KDD Corp.
2000-2006 Service development in Hewlett-Packard Company Japan
2006    Commercialized agricultural center network “e-kakashi”, Transaction Engine
of energy use through the first prize of new business development system
at the mean time to the present.
2008    Received Ph.D. (Information Systems Engineering)
of information model of Health Care System
at Future University Hakodate Graduate School



How should we understand a fragment in a world of dynamic equilibrium as Cyber Physical System and how should IoT work out by then in the future? We worked on this theme from perspectives of energy and mobility, and developed “Ubiden” which can deal with transaction technology of energy use.

In addition, we have started an EV sharing business this year called “Setouchi Karen” based on the concept of Internet of Moving things (considering an EV as moving thing).

This is just a beginning of our challenge. We are going to bring new convenience in “moving” in our lifestyle.


PS Solutions Corp

・Company name :PS Solutions Corp
・Address    :4F Shiodome city center 1-5-2 Higashishinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-7104
・CEO      :Amane Kito
・Capital     :100 million YEN(wholly owned subsidiary of SoftBank Group Corp. )
・Website    :


SoftBank Corp.

・Company  :Softbank Corp
・Adress   :1-9-1 Higashishinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-7317
・CEO    :Masayoshi Son
・Capital   :177,251 million YEN
・Website  :



PS Solutions Corp PR Representative(Antil inc.) Mio Shibata, Asuka Kosugi