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  • “Towards An Era Where Mirrors Will Be Proficient Concierges” Joint Development by Applied Recognition and PS Solutions of a Lifestyle Proposal “Information Mirror” Using Facial Recognition Technology

Imagining a situation where a mirror identifies the individual reflected and suggests clothing, food, etcetera according to their schedule

Applied Recognition Inc.
PS Solutions Corp.



On June 30 2016, Applied Recognition Inc. (Head Office: Toronto, Canada; CEO: Don Waugh; CEO: Ray Ganong; hereafter “Applied Recognition”) which specializes in facial detection and facial recognition authentication technology and PS Solutions Corp.(Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Chairman and CEO: Amane Kito; hereafter “PS Solutions”) which develops IoT business solutions and is part of the SoftBank Group, jointly developed a prototype “Information Mirror” which is a smart mirror that can provide personalized information to each individual using Applied Recognition’s facial recognition authentication technology “Ver-ID Authentication” combined with future machine learning.


The “Information Mirror” Prototype


■ About the “Information Mirror” which uses facial recognition authentication technology

The “Information Mirror” is a smart mirror which displays information relevant to the individual such as the weather forecast, news, etcetera based on information which has been pre-set, and can be used as a bathroom mirror. By using Applied Recognition’s facial recognition authentication technology “Ver-ID Authentication”, the individual reflected in the mirror can be automatically recognized and have personalized content displayed. In combination with machine learning in the future, it will also be possible to make suggestions according to lifestyle such as clothing, food, transport routes and so on, based on the individual’s schedule.


By delivering quality service information like “a proficient concierge who answers just by looking at them”, the “Information Mirror” can enrich the daily lives of users.


“Information Mirror” Display Images


■ About Applied Recognition’s facial recognition authentication technology “Ver-ID Authentication”


“Ver-ID Authentication” is a biometric authentication function which replaces traditional authentication requiring user names and passwords.

In the financial services market where methods that do not require device-free authentication operation are sought, “Ver-ID Authentication” can be used in a wide variety of ways, from working with stand-alone devices to servers.


<Comments from Applied Recognition with regard to this initiative>

・CEO Don Waugh

Imagine this. Our unique authentication system can be used to compare government photo ID with the actual person. This credential authentication will allow banks and other organization give users access to services remotely and can eliminate the need to physically go to a bank for face to face authentication. At the same time face authentication is much simpler and more secure than the current system based on passwords, allowing bank accounts to be accessed more easily and securely.
Don’t you think that realizing such a future would be wonderful?


・CEO Ray Ganong

Applied Recognition is grateful for the opportunity to work with PS Solutions, the leader in Japanese IoT solutions, on this facial recognition prototype . Our core principle is that “Privacy is Most Important”. The traditional way of authentication using an ID and password is not user friendly for IoT device services. Using “Ver-ID Authentication” mitigates risks such as phishing, hacking and the stealing of IDs.


■ The future development of facial recognition authentication technology

Facial recognition authentication technology extracts characteristics from image data of people’s faces and, by comparing it with data already stored, is able to identify individuals.

In April 2016 it was widely discussed when it was used to check people’s identities to prevent the resale of concert tickets.

Up until now methods such as knowledge authentication using passwords, pin numbers, etcetera and property authentication using IC embedded ID cards have been common. However, these methods have raised issues from a security perspective due to risks such as passwords being forgotten or disclosed, IC cards being stolen or forged, and so on.

Facial recognition authentication does not require passwords to be memorized and there is no theft or loss of property, so from a security perspective, it is being adopted more often as a more accurate means of authentication. Further, since comparison can be carried out hands-free away from any authentication equipment, it is possible to authenticate individuals in various places such as at home, in the city, at the beach, etcetera without the person carrying around any card or device and enables the implementation of corresponding payment solutions.



■ About Applied Recognition Inc.

With its head office in Burlington in the province of Ontario Canada, Applied Recognition specializes in the development and application of face detection, recognition and authentication technology, and offers licensing for a variety of software development kits on Windows, Apple, Android and iOS platforms, as well as server and API services.



Applied Recognition’s face recognition technologies are Patent Protected by US 8,750,574, US 9,152,849, CA No. 2,711,143 CN 200880126543, and Patent Applications Pending/Allowed.


■ An Outline of PS Solutions Corp.

PS Solutions is a company, which continues to create new IT services in order to realize the corporate philosophy of the SoftBank Group, which is “Making People Happy Through Information Revolution”. Aside from IT Solution Business, IT Outsourcing Business and Overseas Marketing Business, PS Solutions develops and delivers IoT solutions such as the agriculture IoT solution “e-kakashi” which manages information on the growing of products and the personal mobility rental service business “Setouchi Karen” in Teshima Island, Kagawa Prefecture.

e-kakashi                 :     
Setouchi Karen       :     


Representative:        Chairman and CEO, Amane Kito
Location:                  Shiodome City Center 4F, Higashi Shimbashi 1-5-2, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-7104
Established:            September 2010
Business Activities:  IT Solution Business, IT Outsourcing Business, Overseas Marketing Business
Capital:                   100 million yen (100% owned by the Softbank Group Corp.)



■ Contact information for enquiries about this press release

PS Solutions Corp.   Public Relations Dept.