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Company Info for PS Solutions and Our Thoughts

PS Solutions is a provider of IT services with a focus on the corporate IT domain. Here you will find our brand concept and company profile. We also include a greeting from our representative to you, so please take a look.

Message from the President

Message from the PresidentAs your reliable IT partner,
embracing the future together.
PS Solutions Corp.
Yuki Muramatsu, President

PS Solutions is committed to the corporate philosophy of “Information Revolution — Happiness for everyone” that the SoftBank group has embraced.

We have been providing IT support for group companies, and we intend to leverage our wealth of experience and expertise to provide IT services, mainly in the area of corporate IT, to a wide variety of companies.

Our goal is to be a reliable IT partner for our clients, providing IT solutions that enable them to work with confidence, reduce costs and increase profits, and support their growth as an organization.

If you have any IT-related concerns or issues, reach out to PS Solutions.We will be there for your concerns and provide you with the best solutions and services that will give you peace of mind.

Our greatest pleasure is to hear our customers say “Thank you”.We will continue to do our utmost to create “peace of mind” for our clients and “growth” for their organizations.

Brand Concept

Brand Message

IT partner for customers “peace of mind” and “growth”

Our Role

PS Solutions, as a group of IT professionals, supports corporate IT operations and system development operations while staying close to our customers.

Customer Issues

“Corporate IT” is essential for corporate operations. Therefore, information system personnel are required to develop and operate systems quickly and with high quality, and must constantly process huge amounts of information and utilize the latest technologies.

In addition, in many cases, a limited number of information system staff members are responsible for providing IT consultation to all employees, and the workload per staff member tends to be heavy. In particular, many small and medium-sized enterprises have only one IT staff member or have a staff member who concurrently handles other duties, so many enterprises are faced with this problem.

“Corporate IT staff” are always worried because they have no one to consult with amidst the heavy responsibility that comes with their work.

What We Aim for

We create an environment in which such “corporate IT staff” can work with peace of mind. If you have any IT problems, please feel free to contact us.

“Thank you for your help!” We aim to provide high-quality services that earn our clients’ appreciation.



By making the entire lettering forward, the logo conveys a strong ambition to venture into the future and embodies growth power. The “N” is rendered in lowercase to infuse the design with softness and convey a sense of security. Additionally, the “P” (representing the partner or customer) is supported by the “S” (symbolizing solution or support), illustrating the concept of providing support while upholding the customer. Moreover, by giving the “P” a slightly sharp appearance, the essence of the previous PSSOL logo is preserved, signifying the intention to continue growing with the new brand while cherishing the achievements accumulated thus far.

Our Mission, Vision, and Value

Mission:The Company’s Reason for Being

Changing the shape of work with technology

Company’s reason for being

We have been promoting enterprise business to support the business of group companies and IT support business to strengthen group governance.

Going forward, PS Solutions will combine the IT capabilities we have cultivated with the latest technologies and business models to propose innovative and efficient workstyles and maximize the business results of our clients. PS Solutions also contributes to social issues by improving corporate workforce and productivity.

Vision:The Future of Company

Become your reliable IT partner

The Vision of PSSOL

PS Solutions, as a group of IT professionals, will support corporate IT and system development operations while staying close to our customers.PS Solutions supports the growth of our clients by creating an environment where “corporate IT staff” can work with “peace of mind,” while contributing to cost reductions and profit growth in terms of business management. As a reliable partner in the corporate IT field, we aim to be a company that our clients appreciate with a “Thank you, you saved my life! We aim to be a reliable partner in the corporate IT field and to be appreciated by our clients with “Thank you!”.

Value:Guidelines for Action

Customer Understanding

Gain insights into key issues by harnessing customer feedback


Embrace new ideas and challenges, undaunted by the fear of failure


Achieve goals through mutual appreciation and feedback across departmental boundaries

Company Profile

Company Profile

Company PS Solutions Corp.
Business lines IT Solutions Business
IT Outsourcing Business
Director President Yuki Muramatsu
Director, CFO Yasuhiro Koyabu
Director Katsuya Kitazawa
Director Akiyoshi Tanabe
Auditor Tsutomu Abe
Capital 100 million yen (fully funded by SoftBank Corp.)
Locations 11th Floor Office Tower, Tokyo Portcity Takeshiba 1-7-1 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-7511 JAPAN


Sept. 2010 PS Solutions Corp. established
Dec. 2010 Succeeded the System Solution business from SoftBank Payment Service Corp. due to a corporate split
Apr. 2011 Relocated the corporate head office to 1-9-2 Higashi-Shimbashi, Minato-Ku, Tokyo
Jan. 2012 Succeeded the BPO business from SoftBank Payment Service Corp. due to the corporate split
Feb. 2012 JIS Q 27001:2006(ISO/IEC 27001:2005) certification acquired
Oct. 2012 Transfer the BPO business to Telecom Professional Services due to the corporate split
July. 2013 Relocated the corporate head office to 1-5-2 Higashi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Dec. 2014 SoftBank Group Corp. acquires our total stocks
Dec. 2014 JIS Q 27001:2014(ISO/IEC 27001:2013) certification acquired
Apr. 2017 SoftBank Group International GK acquires our total stocks
Mar. 2018 SoftBank Corp. acquires our total stocks
Aug. 2021 Relocated the corporate head office to 11th Floor Office Tower, Tokyo Portcity Takeshiba 1-7-1 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-7511


  • Yurikamome Line: Takeshiba Station (2 min on foot)
  • JR・Tokyo Monorail : Hamamatsucho Station(4 min on foot)
  • Toei Asakusa Line: Daimon Station(5 min on foot)
  • Toei Ōedo Line: Daimon Station(5 min on foot)

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